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Greater Autonomy Over Our Minds

Our understanding of the world is determined by what we pay attention to and that's now ever more well understood by those trying to manipulate us. We must do a better job of managing it for ourselves and even others.

Social Media

Social media is a way to manage our attention, and what we pay attention to changes who we become. So it's vital that any platform we use be as democratic as possible. Open, free, transparent, without algorithms or advertising. We should be allowed total control to follow or block whoever we want. What we experience should be determined by the people we trust enough to follow.

But once we have that, and the #fediverse is our best option yet, with great power comes great responsibility. We play a part in the collective shaping of the entire culture. We must choose to invite in honest perspectives we disagree with. We must learn to filter out bullshit and unnecessary antagonism. Demand a higher quality of art and analysis from everybody.

My vision is that we can then go on to better integrate our curated feeds into all the media we consume and our application interactions. No longer will we give free range to TV, radio and application programmers we don't yet recognize as having been attention algorithms all along. Once all the sources are competing on equal footing, we take back control.

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