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A More Rational Approach to Life

Reason is the path out of darkness. There's a basic level of knowledge and critical thinking that must be embraced by all the people of a society to make progress possible and avoid the worst ideas becoming a social contagion.

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Everyone throughout time has struggled with similar problems and many have shared their thoughts on how best to deal with those concerns. Collectively, what most people have decided are the best answers to these issues have been then shared even more widely. Learning these lessons, while in conversation with others, is what makes up a liberal arts education.

To have a good society (live well with others and participate in self-government), we need people who are living examined lives. but an examined life is lonely without deep interaction with other people doing that also. living a modern life built around failing values is painful. so we need to build up regular community interaction and art that encourages people to live examined lives. with the world's information at our fingertips via the internet, education should focus more on how to think and access good information than memorization. that's also necessary because the internet gives us unlimited options in what to believe. the loss of gatekeepers means we must get better at filtering out bad information and spreading facts and proven valuable perspectives.

Q: what's the mental framework needed to live righteously

A: an education is the building of our understanding of reality and how best to live by engaging in good faith [ dialectic] on as many topics relevant to our lives as possible. because we are limited in time, we must also incorporate what has been learned from others who went through this process before us, relying on the wisdom of (mostly dead) crowds to decide which of these others' thoughts to consume. hopefully, we can also in engage in small group dialectic about these sources at the same time. it is inherently a social process that we must do with appropriate skepticism.

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