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Closer To Objective Reality

While we are all limited by our personal experience, we have methods and peer review to ascertain facts. But it takes time and resources. If we don't pay people willing to both do that work and be transparent about it, our society at large will be either more ignorant or misinformed on purpose. This pertains to science and journalism, but also the great art that tries to tell us how it feels to live another person's life.

News Literacy Project

Supporting the Search for Truth

Culture War Radio is an independent, ad-free, production. I believe that the future of all media should be open access, distributed directly and supported with small (possibly recurrent) donations. This value-for-value business model keeps creators accountable only to you, instead of to the companies who pay for advertisements/distribution or promotion. It also represents a refusal to sell your valuable time. Nobody should treat you as the product to be sold to the highest bidder.

This business model essentially functions on the honor system so if you have found value in this show/site, please contribute to make sure Culture War Radio can continue. *For now, complexity mostly requires the use of technology corporations to facilitate the financial transactions:

But someday, it should be decentralized like the #fediverse.

Epistemological Crisis

Truth-seeking Exercise:

regulator and expert body (blue-ribbon body) gather together, take in competing claims from different people (different firms, self interested people, academics etc) and sort through those claims while showing their work (how they arrived at a conclusion), publish that conclusion along with their work, along with registers of their interests so you can see bias, everyone is bound by strict ethical guidelines, with a rule of law of fallback positions for when new facts come into evidence to decide when we should revise our understanding of the truth. - Cory Doctorow

when you can't trust the process, instead of having the rule of law, you have the rule of man. you find someone who says a thing you know to be true, that turns out to be true, and you follow them. [] You follow people where they lead you once they show you that they know one true thing. - Cory Doctorow

Why Do People Believe the Earth is Flat?

Conspiracy Thinking

Not enough competition in knowledge creators with sufficient public attention (increases the odds of different perspectives)

Actual conspiracies (if it has happened before, it can happen again)

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